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Telling Stories Through Photos

Telling Stories Through 

Hey there! I'm Itay Hezi, but most folks call me Ghost. I'm all about making cool graphics and bringing things to life through motion. My portfolio is like a visual adventure where I mix the magical with the real. Dive in and see how I turn colors, shapes, and movement into something awesome. I love pushing the limits of visual storytelling, so get ready for a creative journey with me!


Hey, I'm Itay Hezi, born in '99 in a little seaside town in Israel. Growing up, I always loved anything artistic. After my time in the army, I decided to follow my passion and started studying design. At design school, I discovered my love for creating cool designs and motion graphics. It's like turning dreams into pictures! So, join me on this creative journey as I bring my imagination to life, one design at a time. From a small seaside town to the big world of design – let's make some visual magic together!

What I Do

In the realm of motion graphics, I bring stories to life through dynamic visuals and animated magic. Whether it's creating eye-catching logo animations or crafting engaging video content, my expertise in motion graphics adds a vibrant touch to brand narratives. From concept to execution, I pride myself on seamlessly blending creativity with technical finesse to deliver captivating motion experiences.

As a versatile graphic designer, I delve into the art of branding with a keen eye for visual identity. From designing distinctive logos that leave a lasting impression to developing cohesive brand materials, I ensure that each element aligns seamlessly with the brand's essence. Beyond branding, my skills extend to graphic design, where I craft visually stunning materials that resonate with the intended audience. Additionally, my proficiency in video and photo editing adds another layer to my creative repertoire, allowing me to curate visually compelling content that speaks volumes. In essence, my work is a fusion of creativity and precision, leaving an indelible mark across the spectrum of motion graphics, branding, graphic design, and multimedia art.

& Experience


Graphic designer & motion artist

branding,design editing and animation


graphic design student & freelancer

Commercial Design
personal design

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